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United Minds
About Project
United Minds team develops the United Minds platform, which provides interaction of potential students who want to study abroad; Universities interested in obtaining potential students; As well as other persons interested in income by receiving dividends from United Minds platform and access to scientific / creative works of potential students ("Investors").
Universities on a fee basis will have the opportunity to attract students directly, bypassing intermediaries, to have a target audience for advertising distribution of their educational institution.
Potential students will be able to place scientific / creative works on the Platform, and Investors and Universities will be able to finance the work of potential students both on a recurrent basis and on a non-return basis.
In addition to funding, Investors and Universities will be able to evaluate the subject and content of the work, raising the rating of potential students on the Platform.
Potential students with the highest rating will be able to receive additional investments from the Project and external investors. Universities will be able to receive information about the most valuable works and invite potential students.
The work of the Platform will be based on blocking technology, which will ensure transparency and openness of ongoing transactions, preservation of copyright for published works, verification, authentication, voting, transactions and remuneration will be provided.
How the Platform of United Minds works
Our Expirience
Our team thought about this question, how to benefit young people who want to get qualified education and how to help educational institutions to get such students?
In 2015, we created the website "United Knowledge", where young people started to register, wishing to receive a qualified education. For a period of time, without the use of paid advertising, it registered more than one thousand future students from different countries.

At an educational exhibition of educational institutions in Malaysia, we found the first customer of Taylors University, who agreed to pay an annual subscription of $ 1,000 for access to the database. Within a year he received mailings about every new registered potential student.
However, our lack of a budget to conduct a high-quality marketing company, low server capacity, lack of material means to improve the service capabilities led to the fact that the site stopped working.
But we believed in our success and therefore we want to go to the ICO in order to get your help for the further development of the project.
Join us! You can earn and you will always have a warming sense of pride that you helped someone to become even smarter.
United Minds
"Man cannot really improve himself without improving others"
Charles Dickens.
Monetization of the platform will be based on contextual advertising and premium accounts for university
Premium account
from $5000/year
Guided by this price, platform United Minds can receive from $ 5 million per year from every thousand university that bought a premium account.
Contextual advertising
from $0.10/click
With the projected site traffic, for example, 1,000,000 visitors per day, contextual advertising can generate an additional profit of $ 10,000 per day, which is $ 3,650,000 per year.
September 2017
  • Carrying out pre-ico UMT tokens;
September - November 2017
  • Training and marketing First ICO - round United Minds;
  • Testing the beta version of the United Minds platform;

November – December 2017
  • Launch of the beta version of the United Minds platform;
  • First ICO - round;

December 2017 – May 2018
  • development of own block system based on Ethereum code;
  • the creation of a fully functioning United Minds platform, according to its concept;
  • Develop your own wallet.
  • creating a mobile application;
  • opening branches in China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States;
  • marketing promotion of the platform among potential students and universities;
  • payment of taxes;
  • payment of wages and salaries;
  • company registration in Singapore;
  • Launch of contextual advertising for universities on the United Minds platform;

May 2018
  • the launch of ICO United Minds;
  • marketing promotion of the platform among educational institutions of the world;
  • registration on the platform of up to 10,000,000 potential students.
  • connection to a paid subscription of at least 28,000 educational institutions;

August 2019
  • repurchase of UMT at its own expense;
  • distribution of dividends;
  • investing in future students;
  • purchase of securities of educational institutions.

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The Team
We invite everyone who is interested in this idea to our team! If the project is working, everyone will receive a fair reward.
Zhumagaliyev Kaisar
Legal Assistance
Monitors the transparency and honesty of our activities.
Zhumagaliyev Ardak
Project Manager
Graduate of UofT
Responsible for the promotion of the project, and entering to the ICO.
Graduate of CIC
Managing the developer team.
Alexandr Pirekov
Blockcain specialist.
Developer manager United MInds
Professionally understands exchanges, tokens and ICO projects.
Anmar Zeidan
Middle East Manager
Works to improve an organization's market position and achieve financial growth.
Alexandr Kudryashov
General director of LLP "Kazdorstrou Ltd." Co-founder "New Road Kazakhstan" and "Kok Alan". Looks for talent people and invest into their education in Technological Universities of USA.
Michael Gen
The entrepreneur from Germany.
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Our offices are located in two major cities of Kazakhstan.
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United Minds
By investing in United Minds, you create an intelligent world! Let's unite our minds together!
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